Tour de Froth Cycling Particulars

What's a guy to do when stuck in town for days at a time between mountain adventures? Obviously the answer involves more masochistic exercise and beer!

San Diego Bike Routes & Lanes


Left Coast Brewing, San Clemente

My current favorite riding destination. Located in a relatively quiet area of San Clemente, accessible from my area by a quality ride south along Antonio, and it's not busy enough to be obnoxious. Excellent beer. No food other than pretzels but they encourage you to bring your own and there are a number of nearby restaurants you can get to deliver via Grubhub.

Lost Winds Brewing, San Clemente

Second favorite destination currently. It's located just down the street from Left Coast and also benefits from being located in an area that's not busy in the evening. Good beer selection. No food is served but they have a taco truck out back which accepts cash or Venmo and is decent.

Docent Brewing, San Juan Capistrano

The first brewery I biked to after starting back up again. Very popular particularly on Wednesday when they have a mountain bike ride that leaves from the parking lot. Food options are limited to small stuffed bread pouches which are tasty. Beer selection is so so compared to other options.

Location is along San  Juan Creek Trail but it's closed for construction as of Summer 2018 forcing you to ride along Camino Capistrano which is less than bike friendly.

Pizza Port, San Clemente

Excellent beer selection and the pizza is quite good. Unfortunately the area around the brewery is rather busy meaning you have to follow a twisted route of a bike route along small streets and then try and find a parking space.