Sierra Club Wilderness Travel Course (WTC) 2011 - Modjeska Group Snowmageddon

Past the break is a very long quasi chronological sequence of photos following the 2011 Wilderness Travel Course in Orange County with most being specific to Modjeska Group led by Wayne Vollaire and myself along with a staff of hardworking volunteers.

For more information on what WTC is and how to take the course see the official site here.  More posts by me can be found here.

This is the year went down in history as the best snow camp snow in recent memory.  30 to 36 inches would come down on us over the three days and two nights we were out there.

We also almost had to abort the climb of 4377' at Joshua Tree due to rain on Saturday but ended up just dealing with some wet sand.

At this time the class was at Red Hill Lutheran Church where we'd stay for two more blissful years before we were crowded out by their own uses and had to move to Santiago College in 2014.