Matt Is Back On The Trail!

I'm currently attempting a thru hike from Key West to Canada along the Eastern Continental Trail. Along the way I'll be hiking the Florida Trail, parts of the Pinhoti and Benton MacKaye Trails, and of course the Appalachian Trail.

For a summary of what my plans are see 
Matt's 2021 Hiking Plans

Ways to follow my adventure

I post daily -ish updates to my Instagram/Facebook Live Story which you can see by following me at 

I have a YouTube Channel where I'm planning to do periodic video logs at

I post irregularly to Instagram and Facebook usually at big milestones or at particularly pretty spots

You can also email me directly at

Matt's 2021 Hiking Plans - Florida Trail / Appalachian Trail / Eastern Continental Trail

Hey all! 

I spent last summer hiking the 2,653+ mile Pacific Crest Trail all the way from Mexico to Canada. It was often difficult, sometimes miserable, and ever since finishing I've found myself really missing the constant feelings of progress and accomplishment.

So what's next?