Mt. Borah, Idaho State Highpoint

What:  Mt. Borah (12,662')
When:  September 7th, 2009
Where:  Lost River Range, Idaho
Stats:  ~5 mi, 5,100'

I've been commuting to Idaho most weeks for work since 2008 and while I usually return to California to climb occasionally I stay over a weekend and climb out there.  In September of 2009 I did a multi-day road trip to visit Mt. Borah, Craters of the Moon, and a few other things along the way.

Mt Borah has the distinction of being the state highpoint of Idaho at 12,662'.  There is a trail but it it's steep (5,200' in 3.5 miles!) and is punctuated by a a 300' 3rd class section called Chicken Out Ridge so it's not a total bore.  Also according to the signage the peak was actually 7 feet lower before an earthquake in 1983.  That would have been an interesting ride!