Tehipite Dome and Spanish Mountain Attempt #2 Gets A Little Snowy

September 27th & 29th28th, 2014
Tehipite Dome (7,708')
Spanish Mountain (10,051')
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I tried to do these two peaks several years ago while struggling with a prolonged illness.  The result was I managed to get Spanish but never got anywhere near Tehipite.  That means this was technically a grudge peak for me and one that had always stood out due to the 3rd class summit block and pictures like this.

2014 rolled around and I planned this with Laurent Hoffman and Jeff Atijera as an official Sierra club outing towards the end of the season.  We ended up with a full group of friends signing up all excited to see the area.  Then a few weeks before the trip the forecast showed a bit of weather.

We watched it as the trip approached and there was a clear trend of the prediction getting worse. Despite this we decided to roll the dice.

Mt Davis From Thousand Island Lake WTC Experience Trip

September 13th to 15th, 2014
Mount Davis (12,303')
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This has been a weird summer due to changes in my work and living situation.  After years of running back and forth between Orange County California and Boise Idaho I was back in town permanently but also having to deal with the reality of a new job after a long relatively stable period.  As a result I ended up doing lot more adhoc vs the usuall planned official trips.

I did still manage a few official Sierra Club trips and this one to Mount Davis co-led with Paul Warren as a WTC experience trip was one.

Mount Senger & Mount Hooper From Bear Creek Diversion Dam

Aug 30th to Sept 2nd,  2014
Mount Senger (12,286')
Mount Hooper (12,349')

This was the second Labor Day in a row Jeff, Kristen, and I came out this way.  Last year it was to climb Seven Gables & Gemini and I'd be incredibly impressed by the area.

And this trip was similar spectacular.  Having been back here again it just left me wanting to find some more peaks as an excuse to come back again.

It's a 4WD ish trailhead and a 13 mile hike to get back in there but it honestly it fairly gentle as far as 13 mile hikes go.