About Matt

I officially live in Orange County California though these days I seem to spend a good chunk of my time out and about. Previously I was spending my weekdays working as a software engineer in an attempt to pay for my volunteer activities and weekend adventures. 

In 2020 I hiked the entire 2,653+ mile Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada.

Three months later I set out to do the Appalachian Trail with a few bonus miles. I hiked from Key West up to the northern tip of Nova Scotia over 10 months completing the Florida Trail, Pinhoti Trail, and multiple sections of the IAT along the way.

In 2022 I set out to do the Continental Divide Trail southbound though I had to exit around the 2/3 mark due to COVID complications. Plan is to finish that and do a few other things in 2023.

I've also spent a decent amount of time paddle camping and have some major goals around long distance travel in that fashion.

I am a volunteer for the Sierra Club Wilderness Travel Course where I've been an instructor in the Orange County section since 2009 and since 2012 the group leader of Kaweah Group.

I also helped run the Sierra Club Advanced Mountaineering Program from 2009-2019 which teaches a variety of rock climbing and mountaineering skills.

I'm also a divemaster and enjoy getting under water at almost every opportunity. I'm a Divemaster and off and on looking into seasonal dive work opportunities.

A number of years ago I volunteered for two seasons at the fire lookout on Tahquitz.

When not teaching classes, climbing mountains, or *gasp* working, I can usually be found rock climbing, paddling, caving, or just lying exhausted on the floor of my slightly messy apartment. (At least until I got rid of the apartment in 2020 and moved into a van with my partner)

Hiking Resume

2022/3 Continental Divide Trail Southbound
2023 Grand Enchantment Trail
2023 Arizona Trail Abort At Oracle
2022 Condor Trail Thru Hike (Unofficial FKT)
2022 Santa Monica Backbone Trail Again 
2021 Lone Star Hiking Trail
2021 Eastern Continental Trail (aka Florida Trail, Pinhoti Trail, Appalachian Trail, International AT+)
2020 Pacific Crest Trail Northbound
2020 Condor Trail Attempt #1
2020 Santa Monica Backbone Trail
2019 Theodore Solomons Trail Northbound
2019 John Muir Trail Southbound Again
2013 John Muir Trail Southbound

Paddling Resume

2023 Mississippi River Source to Sea Thru Paddle
2022 Suwannee River Florida Thru Paddle
2022 Green River Utah Paddle
2019 Sayward Canoe Route Paddle