Sierra Eats: Los Dos Toritos in Baker, CA

  • Updated: November 03, 2012
  • Post By: Matthew Hengst

Name:  Los Dos Toritos
Type:  Mexcan Food (Of Course!)
Location:  Baker, CA
    Desert outings along I15 towards Vegas
    Visited after Castle Peaks Mojave and Manly & Needle Mustache Mosey
TL;DR:  Not the best but better than Del Taco.  Barely.

The outside is in slight disrepair
Welcome to Sierra Eats!  The irregular feature where we review the various hole in the wall Mexican (and occasionally non-Mexican) establishments we've eaten at after whatever outdoor adventure we were up to that weekend.  We're usually tired, starving, and craving salt after days slogging through the wilds eating trail food.

Los Dos Toritos is located across the street from The Mad Greek in beautiful downtown Baker.  It has the distinction of being the one sit down Mexican option in town so we decided to try it again despite our somewhat less than ideal experience there before after the legendary 2011 Manly & Needle Mustache Mosey.

The place is a little run down and the bathroom has been tagged into oblivion (apparently there are a lot of anti-Obama taggers passing through the area) but the lady behind the counter was quite nice and the menu looked appetizing.

There's a salsa bar which always wins points with me though their version of hot was lukewarm at best.  

We ordered nachos with carintas along with beef & chicken combo fajitas.  Our order came quickly but we were only one of two groups there.  

My girlfriend and I both agreed the nachos would have been better without the meat which was dry and stringy.  The fajitas were edible but unremarkable with the meat mostly made up of small oddly shaped chunks.

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