Garmin Basecamp and the curse of the corrupted (-ish) .NET install

  • Updated: November 26, 2013
  • Post By: Matthew Hengst

This is annoying.

I love Basecamp.  It’s a huge improvement from MapSource and while there’s a few UI quirks I really wish could be fixed (mostly involving uploading maps to a GPS unit) it’s a good program.

Then something happened on my Windows 8 desktop a few months back. This is one of 3 Windows 8 machines and 1 OSX laptop that I use Basecamp on.

Now when I try to start Basecamp I get a warning about needing to reinstall .NET.

Fair enough. With Windows 8 .NET is part of the operating system features so you go in, unclick a checkbox, reboot, and supposedly it’s gone. The computer restarts and helpfully informs you .NET is required by some programs and will then happily reinstall it.

This doesn’t fix the problem. I even went to the extreme of calling Garmin phone support only to have them run me through the exact same steps and then throw their hands up and say to call Microsoft.

“Hello, Microsoft? There’s this one particular program that’s claiming to have an issue with .NET and they say to call you. Why yes I have a number of other applications all using it without and problems, why do you ask…”

There isn't so much as a startup log on the Garmin side. Annoying.

If anyone comes across this and has any suggestions I’d be happy to hear them.

I've already tried .NET repair tool from and poked around on the web to no avail.  For now I just use it on one of my laptops as I don't really feel like doing a system refresh or reinstall just for this.

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  1. I have the same problem... Jamie T.

  2. In the end the problem was solved when I rebuilt my computer and reinstalled Windows 8. I'm still interested to hear if anyone is able to get past this since it could presumably reoccur at any point.