Fish Lake Valley Hot Well

  • Updated: March 27, 2015
  • Post By: Matthew Hengst

Updated:  We went back a second time when retrying Dubois and I've since updated this

Fish Lake Valley Hot Well is a easily accessible hot spring located near the eastern trailhead for the DPS Peak Mount Dubois.
There's only a single pool and some shallow ponds filled with fish.  There is a bathroom, some fire pits, and various pieces of furniture.  Also things have been relatively clean the two times I've been there which is a plus.

Both times we visited we arrived around 1:30 in the morning due to leaving OC after work.  Both times we found the area occupied with RVs and both times we found people camped right beside the pool making it awkward to jump in before passing out.

Both times we drove a distance off into the desert behind the well and camped up there.  No company, much cleaner, and you have a decent view.

View from our camp up the slope
We came back in the morning to use the facilities before heading back to the road and for Dubois.

The first time there were so many people in the pool we didn't even bother.  On our second trip the people camped right on it were still in their car and we spent a few minutes soaking our feet.

It's a sign in the desert and therefore someone must shoot it
There is plenty of area for parking if it's not filled with RVs.

The actual pool is the cement enclosure on the left of the picture above.  The water drains into the bigger pools which were shallow and didn't seem overly enticing to swim in.  There were goldfish visible swimming around the deeper bits.

The single vault toilet was very clean and overall the area seemed to be very well maintained.  Still, due to the limited space, number of people, and particular the folks camped right on top of the pool it's not exactly our favorite.

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