El Dorado Hot Springs Sunset Pool In Tonopah Arizona

  • Updated: November 28, 2015
  • Post By: Matthew Hengst

I've been going slightly stir crazy after my recent knee surgery and the fact I can't hike or do any other sort of outdoor activity has greatly altered how I spend the average weekend.

Hot springs I can still do and we know a few that offer overnight accommodations.  El Dorado is one of our favorite though it's a big of a drive being located in Tonopah Az.

This time we reserved the Sunset Pool since we've only ever stayed at the Desert View Pool.

This place is a lot easier to get in than Benton Hot Springs which is our other favorite overnight location.  It's also a little more rustic.

We arrived late due to traffic and the time change arriving after 10:30 instead of our scheduled 9 pm.  The people who run the place were really nice and knocked off part of the cost after they recognized us.

As always the vibe here is laid back and awesome.  Sadly the pet turkey seems to have moved on either to someones stomach or elsewhere...

This is the area leading back to the Sunset entrance.

Unlike Desert View there isn't a gate that you can close.  It's not that big of a deal though since no one is going to wander by.

This is the main pool area.  It's largely decked out the same as Desert View.

After getting spoiled by the controllable (-ish) temperature and really hot water at Benton Hot Spring a few weeks back we all commented on how cool the water was here.  It was warm but not quite as warm as we were craving consider the cool night air.  This has a plus side however since we were able to stay in there 4 hours straight without broiling ourselves.

It's kind of oddly laid out like there used to be an additional site next to it.  It looked like there were remains of an entrance and a fire pit out there but I didn't spend much time looking around since it kind of intrudes on the privacy of the Stargazer pool.

Overall I liked this one but I don't think I'd come back to this pool vs Desert View.  I missed the open desert view even though I appreciated that this one didn't have lights that ran all night.  If you had a larger party this area could fit them more easily.

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