Benton Hot Springs - Bungalow Cabin

  • Updated: January 03, 2016
  • Post By: Matthew Hengst

Yet another hot spring posts since that's about all I'm able to do for another month or so due to Knee Surgery 2015.

During the stay at Conway House on Halloween the caretaker recommended the Bungalow Cabin as being even more private with an even better view of the mountains so that's what we went for this time.

The front isn't much to look at but it's not like your going to spend any time out there.

We'd been told it was even more private than the Conway House though once again I question their definition of private.  Directly behind the pool in the picture above you're actually facing traffic driving in from Bishop.

And you're also looking at the road from the other side.  So while it's fairly private don't expect to be able to do a nude chicken dance on the side of the tub and not have people see you from the road.  You know, if that even occurred to you...

There's a fire pit close enough to the tub to provide light at night and warmth for whoever is out of the pool cooking dinner.

There's a few chairs and tables and even a hammock over by a small pool on the other side of the yard.  The pool is constantly fed by runoff and while it's not warm to the touch it never froze.

You have a view of the White Mountains past some sparse trees.  The big peak is Montgomery (which was originally called White Mountain before they swapped that name to the high point of the range further south) and peaking out behind and to the left is Boundary.  Despite being the lower than Montgomery Boundary is a lot more popular since the California Nevada border just so happens to run between them.  As a result Boundary is the Nevada State High Point and Montgomery is just one of the lesser bumps on the range which includes one of the CA 14'ers.  I climbed them both in 2010 which you can see here.

But sitting around looking up at mountains is totally fun too.  *sigh*

The house is decorated in an...interesting fashion I'm not quite sure how to describe.

There's two bedrooms, one bathroom with a shower, a kitchen, a small living room, and a solar.  It feels a lot more like a cabin while Conway felt like a bed and breakfast.  The house is heated by spring water fed elements along the walls so it stays nice and toasty.

It's the same price as Conway House which is $230 a night for full occupancy.

The house is nicer at Conway but I liked the backyard more at Bungalow.  The tubs themselves are roughly equivalent with Conway being a little nicer with Bungalow having a better view.

We spent most all of the time in the tub just using the house to sleep and cook breakfast.  We did appreciate having the house though since it was in the mid 20s that night.  The water kept us plenty warm but anything outside kept freezing.

You control the water temperature by turning the hose off if it's too hot, on but spraying above the water line to keep it from heating too much, or on and underwater if you want it to heat up fast.  And it gets damn hot.

In the background your seeing Montgomery & Boundary
Having stayed at both Conway and Bungalow they both have their pluses and minuses but given the choice I liked Conway a bit more.

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