Advanced Mountaineering Program (AMP13) - Spring 2016

  • Updated: May 01, 2016
  • Post By: Matthew Hengst

The Sierra Club Advanced Mountaineering Program or AMP was started in 2009 by Dan Richter and Pat McKusky to teach basic and advanced mountaineering skills with the goal of promoting safe climbing and train a new generation of club leadership. While it's primarily targeted to WTC graduates and Sierra Club leaders anyone is welcome. It's run twice a year in the spring and fall and staffed by an array of hard working volunteers.

This post covers the Spring 2016 AMP class. More posts about AMP can be found here. More information on AMP and instructions on how to sign up can be found here.

Class 1: Climbing Basics In Pasadena

Class 2: Belaying At Stoney Point

Class 3: Rappelling At Stoney Point

Class 4: Joshua Tree Weekend

Pat had a batch of mutant eggs.  Multiple double yokes

Dinner at Sam's Pizza

Neal making friends
Sunset back at camp

Campfire music by Pat, Teresa, and others
Sunday morning pre rigging coffee
Hoisting the gear

Prusiking up the rope
AMP13 Students
AMP13 Staff
AMP13 Staff & Students
Pulling the ropes, handing out the certificates, and heading for home. Thanks to all the staff and students who helped make AMP13 a success these last few weeks! 

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