Mount Wilson Loop From Chantry Flats LB WTC Conditioning Hike

  • Updated: February 04, 2017
  • Post By: Matthew Hengst

February 4th, 2017
Mount Wilson (5,713')

This was a free weekend for me WTC-wise falling between the conditioning hike and Joshua Tree for Orange County.  Normally I'd run out to the desert and climb something however those plans were killed at the last minute due to the need to stay local and reserve WTC campsites for next year.

Jack Kieffer was nice enough to invite me along to do the conditioning hike with his group so I decided to take the opportunity to see a new trail.

Since Jack actually lives down in Orange County that meant waking up at 3 am to meet him at his place at 4:30 am followed by a drive up to the Arcadia REI where his group met at 5:30 am.  *yawn*

This was my first time hiking out of Chantry Flats but I'd always heard the parking lot fills early. And sure enough there were already a sizable number of parks taken at 6:20 am.

Along with Jack's staff & students I had two Kaweah folks who had been unable to do the hike with us last weekend and were doing a makeup.

The plan was to hike up Santa Anita Canyon and come down upper Winter Creek Trail so only a very short section would be duplicated from last week.

Playing the name game with a rather large group

We were largely blocked by the clouds but you can see there's still a fair amount of snow on the other local mountains.

The observatory had set out coffee and hot coco again which was nice.

Of course Jack and Rod came prepared incase they didn't have coffee up there.

Nav practice was slightly challenging due to the cloud cover.

This part was still snow last weekend.

We started at 6:45 am and got everyone down by 6 pm.

Post hike pizza at Zelo
The post hike dinner was aizza at Zelo's which wasn't bad but I'm not sure I'm sold on the corn and sausage specialty pizza.

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