Montgomery & Boundary The Nevada State High Point From Queen Canyon Mine

  • Updated: September 25, 2010
  • Post By: Matthew Hengst

September 25th, 2010
Boundary Peak (13,140')
Montgomery Peak (12,447')
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Boundary and Montgomery are both on the Sierra Club Desert Peaks Section list.  Climbing them also has the added bonus of snagging you the Nevada State high point which ironically is the lower of the two due to the fact the California Nevada border runs between them.

Christine and I drove up to the east side for two days of dayhike.  After we were done here we drove down to the Chimney Creek area and did Spanish Needle (after failing on it during the Memorial Day trip) and Lamont.

We came in from Queen Mine of the 6 since we were coming from the California side.  The Rav4 made it up there without incident and we spent the night at the saddle where the road ends.

It was a bit chilly.

The trail is marked at the start and well traveled.

It's basically just a stroll up a trail.  The Queen Canyon Mine route meets up with the Trail Canyon route along the way for those starting from the west.

Our peaks off in the distance.

It gets looser closer to the top.

This is the summit of Boundary and the high point of Nevada.  

There's even a flag to prove it.

We wanted Montgomery as well which was across a slightly rougher section.

Looking back at Boundary from the summit of Montgomery
The view from Montgomery looking over at the Sierra

Back on Boundary it was a bit busier now.  A few of the people we chatted with said they lived in Nevada and did the climb to Boundary once a year.  No one we talked to seemed the least inclined to go over to Montgomery.

The route down was uneventful other than a slight detour to climb an interesting looking rock off to the side.

I had a number of people from the trail and the peak watching and taking pictures.

Back at the parking area with plenty of light
On the way down I wanted to explore Queen Mine a bit.

I'm always excited by mines and ran up and down the hill looking at the scattered building and openings while Christine waited in the car.

Most were blocked off with dire warnings.

And even those you could get into were collapsed before you went very far.

View of Montgomery driving south
After we headed south spending the night camped near Chimney Creek and climbed Spanish Needle and Lamont the next day.

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