4th Annual Mustache Mosey - Big Maria DPS

  • Updated: January 17, 2015
  • Post By: Matthew Hengst

April 17th, 2015
Big Maria Mountains High Point (3,381')
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The Mustache Mosey (aka The Premier Upper Lip Hair Based Desert Social Event Of The Season) has now become an annual tradition.  Two days, two peaks, one big party, and the most ridiculous fake mustaches that can be managed.

The first took place in Death Valley climbing Manley and Needle and is still legendary for the number of popped tires.

The second went a bit smoother and we climbed Spirit & McCullough with a huge group.

The third year we did Vigin our near Mesquite in Nevada and attempted Bangs only to pop two tires on one of the vehicles on approach requiring a run into town before we could limp out.

 For the fourth we wanted something within a 4 or 5 hour drive that preferably wouldn't cause too much tire damage.  After much research Jack and I settled on Big Maria Mountains High Point and McCoy Mountain.  The former is a Desert Peaks Section list part of the dwindling number I haven't done yet while the second was an unknown that just looked interesting.

As usual the trip started with an after work departure and many hours of driving.

We had everyone meet at a flat spot near a likely campspot I'd picked out for that evening using satellite maps.

14 enthusiastic souls joined us as we hiked east towards Big Maria.

The route is straightforward and not horribly interesting but we had a fun crowd.  We went east into a canyon and climbed up to a ridge leading north to the summit.

And of course, once we reached the summit...

The illustrious leaders
Before heading back down to the cars we swung further south and grabbed a bump unofficially called False Maria since it's easy to misidentify the peak from below.  This had another register but was largely unremarkable.

I briefly debated grabbing the next bump south on the ridge which was lower but looked interesting but it was getting late and we had a party to throw. 

We dropped down slowly having to pick our way past a few drops here and there.

Along the way we enjoyed another of the benefits desert trips, the awesome sunset.

We could see lights below around where our vehicles had been left.  We hoped it was our friends who had planned to join us after the hike but you never know out in the desert.

Sure enough...

Mr and Mrs Bus Driver Bill
Bill has been our regular bus driver for the Joshua Tree and Snow Camp outings of the Sierra Club Wilderness Travel Course.   Both he and his wife Gingi took the class back in 2012 and we always enjoy having them along.

It turned out the spot I'd eyed had a nice riverbed perfectly suited for a desert potluck shindig.

We kept a vigorous fire going between bundles of wood and gathered deadwood.

And of course mustache themed food...

And drink...

Eventually things wound down in the early hours of the morning.

The next morning was a slight struggle for some of us.

But we rallied.  And of course there was the traditional group shot.

From here most of the group headed for McCoy Mountain.

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