Canyon Point DPS From Cottonwood Canyon

  • Updated: November 06, 2016
  • Post By: Matthew Hengst

October 6th, 2016
Canyon Point (5,890')
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5 miles, 3100', 3-4 hours (according to the DPS guide)

After climbing Panamint Butte from the west the day before our expectations had been lowered a bit.  Canyon Point seemed a little more promising due to the fact we'd be approaching via a canyon instead of just going up a ridge.

We'd camped out by Panamint Butte and got moving after a hasty breakfast.  The road to Canyon Point via Cottonwood starts at Stovepipe next to the RV campground on the western end of town.

The road wasn't too bad but it was a jeep road and I went into 4wd a few times due to sand.  Overall it's just slow going and there's about 17 miles of it.  It gets a lot more interesting once you're back in the canyon and the walls start to close in.

The weather looked a little iffy but all the forecasts said no chance of rain.  Otherwise it might have been interesting being back there.

17 ish miles later we stopped just a short distance from the end of the road due to one questionable spot I probably could have gotten over fairly easily.  The end of the road had a few decent camping opportunities and terminated in a large turnaround with a wilderness reclamation sign asking for foot traffic only further along the canyon.

We were here for the DPS route which actually doesn't go up Cottonwood but instead turns right at the end of the road and heads up a side drainage.

Once in the drainage it was easy going with a ducked sandy use trail which we eventually left to start climbing.

The clouds were holding back the sun but the weather was muggy and we were all sweating buckets as we picked our way up the slope.

The biggest / only notable landmark along the way is this peak across the way that looks like a giant boob.

Once up we followed a gradual ridge around and reached the summit.

The register was amusing for all the hate over this peak being on the list.

"I'd like to thank the dolts who voted this pile of crud on the list.  May you live in Trona the rest of your days" - Less Hill

My, my, my...what where the blithering nimrods thinking about when they voted this peak on the list instead of Moriah, Needle Eye, Mormon, ect.  Maybe they should be buried here... :) - Terry Flood

Not so negative - us

Panamint is the bump on the right side of the image I believe

The view from the summit was impressive if slightly muted by the cloud cover.

The descent was amazing and we shot down all the way to the original drainage in no time thanks to deep sand.

Back at the roads end I went looking for open water in all the vegetation and ended up
with a major bushwhack trying to shortcut back much to the amusement of Jen and Kristen.

It got dark as we were driving out killing any plans for a side visit to Marble Canyon.  Instead we went into Stovepipe for gas and then headed home.  We were all hungry and went out via 395 hoping to grab a burger at the Roadhouse Cafe only to find it closed early.  We eventually ended up at Kristy's Family Restaurant in Ridgecrest which turned out to be a mistake.  Everything was greasy and even the milkshake Kristen ordered was so bad we barely touched it.  Everyone agreed Denny's would have been far preferable.

Someone really needs to open a decent restaurant along the 395 south of Ridgecrest that's open late.  We'd end up patronising it 20+ times a year probably.

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