Our Mississippi River Thru Paddle By The Numbers | Mississippi River Source to Sea 2023

  • Updated: August 29, 2023
  • Post By: Matthew Hengst

It took us 60 days to reach Old River Lock where the route diverges with two outlet options
It took us an additional 5 days to reach the gulf via the Atchafalaya ending at Burns Point
It took an additional 10 days to travel from the junction to the end of South Pass going by New Orleans

We were on the river for a total of 75 days
We took 0 zero days
We came off the river to spend the night 6 times

We resupplied 15 times
It cost us roughly $187 per person per week to be on the river excluding equipment costs

2,133 miles paddled from the headwaters to the gulf via the Atchafalaya
2,309 miles paddled not counting the Atchafalaya just headwaters to end of South Pass
2,450 miles paddled total in 75 days

Our longest day was 58 miles which was in the Big River section where we had some current and no obstructions.
The fastest current we measured was 3 mph which was after the Missouri came in.
Out fastest recorded speed was 6 mph but we weren't able to measure the wind sail day on Lake Pepin.

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  1. So by my math, 75 days X 2 people X $187? So roughly $28k, excluding equipment? So I see plane tickets, AirBnBs, groceries (and wine), $ for river angel fuel, and nachos and beer. I feel like the math isn't adding up for me, what am I missing? I say all this because I would like to do this trip but I can't swing 28k over 3 months, so I'm hoping your answer is something I can live without. Thx, keep up the awesome vids over on YT!

    1. Ha! That was a typo. $187 per person per *week*